Over the years I have approached my ordering process in several different ways.  A few years ago, my custom orders had gotten to the point where I was over two years wait for one of my custom knives.  That was a challenge for me, but also for my customers.  It's hard to wait that long for a knife and often your tastes as well as mine will change over that time.  So here's what I'm doing to try and get you a knife from my shop with as little wait as possible.

I make several Standard Models, from EDC's to Hunters to Military and Kitchen knives.  These knives I make in small groups a couple times a year, so you won't have to wait years for many of the knives I make.  I am always adding new knives to the list of the ones I make as standard models.  If you look at the drop-down menu under Galleries, you can view the standard models I make.  If you'd like to make sure you get a certain model next time I make them, email me and let me know.  I don't take deposits.  I'm happy to take you for your word for it.

I also make one-of-a-kind knives, but these are primarily knives I make as creative expressions and I don't take detailed orders for them.  These are knives I want to make and often include new things I want to try, different materials I want to incorporate. 

If you see a knife in my Gallery that you're interested in, please email me and let me know.  I'd be happy to talk to you about it.  I may not be able to duplicate the knife and I probably won't guarantee pricing or a delivery date, but I will do my best.  Since I don't take deposits, I keep the creative control on my end, and I have the freedom to follow my instincts while I work.  That way I'm always happiest with the outcome.  If the finished knife ends up being different than you expect, you are under no obligation to purchase it.

I also make one-of-a-kind pieces specifically for the web site, and those are listed when they are available.  If you want to get an email when I have new knives available, just sign up for my newsletter.