I've been teaching Bladesmithing for years, always at a school with different equipment and supplies than I'm used to.  I got tired of saying, "At my shop I'd do this differently," so in 2017 I finished setting up an area where I can teach what I want, how I want, in my space.  You want to get into Bladesmithing but don't know where to start?  Or maybe you want to have the experience of making your own knife, from start to have a taste of what this craft is about.  With classes ranging from one to three days, whether you have experience or not, you can not only have a knife that lasts a lifetime, you'll have the memories as well.

The classes are designed around either a specific knife or a specific process.  The best way to think about it is that the class costs about the same as the knife, if I were to make it.  So you can either buy a new chef's knife from me or for about the same cost, you can come here and make it yourself.

Classes are being scheduled and will be announced when they're available.  If you have a couple of friends who would like to join you for a class, you can get in touch with me via phone or email and we can set up a special time just for your group.

Click here to view photos from past classes.