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This is CLI #1.  When I tried this the first time, I had no idea what would happen, but this knife was the result.  Actually, that first one came together pretty easily, and it would take me many failures after this to realize how lucky I was to have the first one work.

This knife is 416 stainless with a core of W-2.  I have tried put the carbon steel insert in using several techniques, but I returned to this one because I like the effect so much.  Look at the top of the integral bolster and you will see the carbon steel core looks like it grows right out of the stainless frame.  I love that!  For an explanation of the metalurgy involved in these blades, click here.

The handle on this knife is spalted maple with domed nickel silver pins.  unfortunately, this knife no longer exists as you see it here.  The buyer of this knife thought he could "improve" it by altering the handle shape, and what was done cannot be undone.  If not for this, I would have eagerly bought the knife back after coming to my senses and selling this, my first CLI.