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Stag Integral

This knife was a little bit of a challenge, but the resuly was very rewarding.  The blade is a ladder pattern damascus that flows into a round bolster and then into a beautiful piece of Sambar stag.  The knife was designed around the stag with the intention of leaving it as undisturbed as possible.  Almost no material was removed from the top of the handle where it mates with the bolster, and nothing was touched at the rear since the pure silver spacer and damascus buttcap were sculpted to match the contour of the stag.

One interesting thing that I have done on a few knives is the way the knife is held together.  Several years ago at a Hammer-in in Knoxville, I listened to Mark Zalesky of Knife World give a talk on hidden-tang antique bowies.  I asked him which designs had withstood the test of time the best.  He said that without a doubt they were the American-made knives where the tang was run through a buttcap and peened over.  So what I have done is to braze a section of pure silver onto the tang, run it through a hold in the buttcap and peen it over.  There is no glue holding it together, just the pressure created by the peened tang extension.