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Dark Side Claw

The Dark Side Knife was born a few years ago as a result of an attempt to make a knife with a lot of style and utility, packed into the simplest package possible.  The result was the original Clip Point version.  That knife (or a Talon) have been my daily carry knives for the last 3 years.  

And now, there's a new Dark Side.  The Dark Side Claw.  The hook shaped blade is absolutely the most aggressive blade against cardboard, rope, paper or canvas bags, etc.  And of course if need be it would be shockingly effective as a self defense tool.  The more curved the blade the more aggressive it will cut, but the harder it is to sharpen.  I have found that this amount of curve is perfect.  Cutting edge is 3" long, and overall is 7.25".

The blade is forged, Laminated Steel (420 and 1095), forge texture left on.  The blade is hollow ground and hand finished.  I intentionally left the edge and point of the knife very thin, because the cutting power of the blade with a razor thin edge is fantastic.  That also means this is not a pry bar or a screwdriver.  Treat it nice and it will scare you with how well it works.  This knife has been my daily carry piece for a few weeks now, and I am having a hard time switching it out for anything else.

The sheath is my Leather / Kydex Multi-Carry.  Gator-ish cowhide over molded kydex with a belt loop that can be repositioned for horizontal or vertical carry, left or right hand.  Even the little Chicago screws that hold the belt loop on are custom made for me.  

(Note on ordering:  If you want to purchase more than one, select a quantity when you check out.  You will end up paying for the shipping multiple times, but I will refund the overage.)

Price is $265 plus shipping / insurance.



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