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Dark Side &
Multi-Carry Sheath System

The Dark Side Knives are back, but this time with a twist.  The original Dark Side Knives were intended for use as a neck knife in a kydex sheath, but many people (including me) wanted to wear them as a belt knife.  I offered a leather belt sheath which was ok, but left a few things lacking.  For several months, I've been working on a plan to offer the knives with one universal sheath that would work well for vertical as well as horizontal belt carry, while still fulfilling the original role as a neck knife.  In the process, I wanted to class it up just a bit.

So for the first time, I'm offering the Dark Side Knives with the new sheath system.  The sheaths are leather-covered kydex with a kydex belt loop that can be repositioned for vertical, horizontal, or upside down belt carry, for either right or left handed carry.  Or the loop can be removed to be used as a neck knife.  Let me put it this way, if you want to carry this knife in a position that it won't do, then you're just way too picky!

To purchase one of the new knife / sheath combos, click a photo below.  If you don't have a Burt Foster belt, you will feel almost naked without it, so order one with your knife.


Click the photo to purchase


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