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Dark Side Knives

I am offering several new Dark Side knives.  They are exactly the same as previous versions, but with a few slight improvements.  

First, the edges of the knives are finished all the way around.  In the first Dark Side knives this area was left rough belt-finished.  The new knives have this area finished and polished for a little sharper look.  Second, the bevels of the laminated blades have a hand-rubbed finish.  Again, this just looks a little nicer than the belt finishes of the originals.  However, they are the same size and shape as the originals, so if you bought an original, your new one will fit in the same sheath as the old one.  

Just as a recap...the Dark Side knives are all-metal with forge textured sides.  They are thin, light and super sharp daily carry knives.  The damascus knives are forged from 200 layer random ladder-pattern damascus (O-1 and 15N20 steels).  The laminated blades are forged from a 3-layer or San-mai steel made from 416 stainless on the outside and O-1 tool steel in the center.  These are the first lamianted blades made with O-1 cores, and represent another step toward producing the best laminated steel blades anywhere.  

The blades come in two sizes.  The small knife is 6" overall with a cutting edge about 2.5" long, while the large knife has a 7" overall with a cutting edge about 3" long.

The prices are:
Damascus or Laminated Steel  -  Small: $215    Large: $225

The blades are priced to include a kydex neck sheath.  If you'd like to substitute a leather belt sheath for the kydex, you'll add $25 to the above price.  If you'd like to have both a leather and a kydex sheath, you'll add $40.  Confusing enough?  Prices don't include shipping, although it's usually $10 in the Continental U.S.

If you're interested in ordering a Dark Side, or if you'd like to see what I have available, email me.  Thanks!